6 Facets of Life to Master

To become a master of your life, where do you start? The task can seem overwhelming, fruitless, and can feel like you are attempting to boil the ocean. What does mastering one’s life mean anyway? In my experience, over the course of years of study, workshops, mastermind groups, etc. I have distilled down the six facets of life that make what seems to be a complicated endeavor to a manageable one. 

Emotional Mastery

Personally, this has been the most challenging of the aspects to improve. Growing up in rural Texas, sharing your feelings as a male was not welcome, in fact, it was discouraged. Expressing feelings is only one aspect of this facet though. The more challenging aspect is understanding the cause of your emotions. Like many aspects of our lives, we are programmed by society and our environment and make decisions without truly going through the decision making process. Once you have the ability to know why you feel a certain way, you can then decide the reason you feel this way valid based on your values. 

Financial Mastery

The ultimate goal is to work towards your dreams, by building systems along with habits of spending, saving, and investing. Financial knowledge isn’t about the size of your investment portfolio nor your annual salary. It's  about you having a plan to financially achieve your goal which could be to retire early, go on a 4-week vacation everywhere, or to pay for your children's college tuition. Everyone’s goal is different with finances.

Physical Mastery

Being physically fit is vital for your health, living a longer life, and enjoying many of life’s adventures. The ability to walk around town, to go to the park and throw the ball around, and to simply enjoy a walk on the beach on your vacation without becoming winded is a good start. The primary focus here is not to lose control of your weight and to get outside and enjoy nature.

Relationship Mastery

We’re social creatures and thrive in relationships. We spend countless hours with our family, friends, coworkers, and not to mention the many strangers we encounter daily, so why not become good, or great at having great relationships. Focus on the quality, not the quantity here. Develop relationships with people with the same core values as yourself and those that will challenge you to better yourself. 

Spiritual Mastery

How often do you have time to yourself, focused time on prayer, meditation, journaling, contemplating your life? The time that is meant to be still and quite which allows you to be reflective and take an inventory of your life, your values, and make course corrections. Step off of the treadmill of life and reflect. 

Time Mastery

Time is the one resource that you have a finite amount of and cannot be created. Time is precious, and we always want more; therefore the ability to master your time pays dividends and compounds very quickly. Examine where you spend time and determine ways that you can automate or systematize processes to make you more efficient. 

Wrapping Up

Each of these facets will have its own special meaning to you. I  believe a balance between these six areas will bring the most harmony and balance in your life.