July 2017 - One Month Since Podcast Launch

The 30th of July was the one month anniversary of the go-live of the Up Rev Ninja podcast. While the concept of the show had been in my mind and discussed for a few years, I started to work on it this past March. 

Focus on the core objective of launching the podcast was difficult as I had many distractions and shiny objects that were beckoning for my attention. Designing the website, activating the social media campaigns, blogging, graphics, etc. Reflecting back, while I may have spent too much time on a few of these items, I do feel that I focused on the show itself and content.

One of the biggest fears that I had was ensuring that I could deliver on my commitment to a weekly show. It was still unclear to me how I was going to get guests, in particular on a show that hadn't  launched! As a side note, my strategy was to have 10-15 shows entirely produced before beginning and then release three episodes on the first and second week before moving to a single episode each week. I’m happy to report that this fear was overrated and did not manifest.

I’ve learned more than I’ll capture here this past month as well. Personally, I have learned that my voice isn’t as bad as I thought; however, I do need to continue developing my vocabulary (how many times do I say fantastic!), and my accent makes some words I pronounce not discernible over the podcast. While I have learned a lot about various tools, workflows, and refining my relationship skills with my guests, I sincerely feel that the focus is to continue to develop my interviewing skills which will deliver superior content to you, my audience.

This past month has been a fantastic journey, and it’s given me a lot to ponder. Based on feedback and time availability, I have a list of new ideas, improvements, and ways to shape the show moving forward in a way that will provide much more value to you and the guests. Before I implement these ideas though, I want to continue making daily incremental enhancements in the show and iron out a few workflow challenges before I add more to my plate.

Finally, thank you for your support, assistance, feedback, encouragement, and overall the inspiration you’ve provided. I sat out to create a show that would speak to my audience of one, which was me, and yet I have connected with so many more beautiful people from all over - and it’s only been ONE MONTH! As the show continues to grow, I welcome your feedback on ways to improve the show as well as items you would like to see to help you up rev your life.

Now, get out there and discover the best version of you.