The Way of the Superior Man

The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida is a book on women, coping with them, and maintaining a lengthy relationship. Essentially, it's about revealing to the reader how women work, and how men can change themselves for the better.  The goal for the reader of this book is to help you to appeal more to women.  From this description, it sounds like a dating guide, but it's so much more than that.  It's about coping and handling your woman after the initial attraction stage.  It goes that extra mile.

What is it About?

Well, apart from teaching men how to pick up and deal with women, it approaches the situation in a very specific style.  Deida has clearly made sure he is appealing to the 'alpha male' community in the tone he uses, and the approach he takes.  This book isn't about delving deep into the psychology of the mind, and it definitely isn't about playing games.

Male and female sexuality are at the heart of everything used here.  The term 'everything' would be an apt term to describe this book as it does cover all bases.  There's a chapter called 'Ejaculation Should Be Converted Not Consciously Chosen' and a chapter called 'Working With Polarity and Energy'.  These strategies and understandable concepts are presented simply here, so you don't have to know anything about science or the jargon surrounding it.

At First Glance

Before reading the book, the reader is going to have a number of thoughts swimming around their heads.  It's important to take into account these thoughts, to avoid being put off or coming to any wrongful conclusions before opening the book.

  • David Deida himself has a history of writing books on similar subjects.  Immediately, you know you are dealing with a professional, or at least an experienced niche author.
  • The book is presented in easily-digested chapters which get straight to the heart of things.
  • It's a spiritual guide, judged just from the introduction, but at the same time, it isn't plagued with any religious dogma.

Hot Trends

Every book has its own hot points.  These are the points which make you think and really speak to you.  The Way of the Superior Man definitely has its fair share.

The whole book starts from the beginning of the process.  It isn't a niche book which assumes you are already in a relationship.  It presents its information in a tutorial form; in other words, it starts from the beginning and follows you through the inevitable challenges of attracting a woman and maintaining a relationship.  Practical advice is presented immediately, including this pertinent titbit:

"Closing down in the midst of pain is a denial of a man's true nature. A superior man is free in feeling and action."

You are instantly told of the book's intentions to make you stronger.  It makes you trust the author more, and it creates a student-teacher relationship, as opposed to something more patronizing.  It continues strongly by giving you advice on what to do once you are in a relationship.  One quote which stood out whilst reading was:

"A man should never think his woman's testing is going to end and his life will get easier.  Rather, he should appreciate that she does these things to feel his strength, integrity and openness."

This comprehensive guide to the tests women tends to set men are explained and evaluated.  It's one of the major stumbling blocks men have to overcome, and one of the best explanations is in this book.

What the Reader Might Miss

Whenever you read a book, you always miss things.  These are some of the things readers could miss out when they first read this book. Look out for these things when you pick up this book:

  1. Deida recognizes every relationship is different.  Whilst he doesn't give any perfect strategies, his visions prompt you to implement them into your own strategy.  Although it might not seem like it, a wealth of practical advice is there.
  2. Pick and choosing attraction.  When Deida speaks about the ways you can use to attract a woman, he's not trying to say his way is the only way. The guide is designed to cover a variety of situations and different types of women.  Use the advice according to your specific situation.
  3. Some of the views given can seem assuming and misogynistic, but the reader has to look past this.  Instead of instantly dismissing it, think about it and you will realize what he is saying is right; even if he is going against some conventional views.

What You Can Take Away?

The immediate payoff comes in the form of a new understanding of human relationships, both in the relationship and the courtship stage.  These two things can be combined together, and integrated into your current train of thought.  You can formulate the plans which are relevant to you.  Perhaps the biggest advantage of this book in the long term is the concise chapter structure, enabling you to refer back at any time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the hard-hitting prose of the book encourages you to improve your situation.  One quote particularly resonates:

"Every moment waited is a moment wasted"

The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida has received some mixed responses from men and women, but even though the way this information is shared has its groups of supporters and detractors, the facts are clear.  Despite the fact you may not be a fan of his method or Deida's presentation, you can see the facts.  These facts can be used and applied to your situation.  Since it's so easy to look back at the information you want at a later date, the book becomes more useful as a guide to life.

However, one thing to say is this isn't a quick fix guide.  It's about forging for the future.  That's crucial to forming long term relationships, which is the point of this book in the first place.  If you have the desire to attract a woman and build a long term relationship, this is might just be the book for you.