Below is a list of questions and other information to help you prepare for our interview.

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Technical Notes

  • Currently, shows that are being recorded will not be released for approximately 6 months. I can be flexible on the release schedule, if you are using this to promote a new product or service; let me know ahead of time and we can discuss in more detail.
  • We will chat via Zoom for generally less than an hour (typical podcast episode is 30-45 min in length).
  • Headphones are required. This prevents feedback and a more enjoyable listening experience for the audience. The earbuds that came with your phone are okay, however, if you are going to be a guest on podcast often, buy a mic/headset such as this beginner one. Your audience will love you for it.
  • If you have not already done so, please email the following information to me:
    • A picture of yourself/team which will be used for show-artwork and for sharing on social media.
    • Links to your website(s), social media account(s), etc.
    • Your biography which will be a part of the show introduction as well as a part of the show notes.
  • Shows are released every Monday at 4:00 AM Eastern Time, unless the show is a part of The Dojo Series. If it's a part of the Dojo Series, these are released on Thursday at 4:00 AM Easter Time. 

Background / About My Audience

  • I’m a fan of vulnerability, so check out Daring Greatly by Brené Brown or watch her TED Talk on the topic.
  • Story telling is important. My goal is to have engaging stories for my audience for both entertainment purposes as well as to provide a platform to enable them to learn and to walk away with something to implement in their life.
  • My audience listens to learn from you; your stories, your tips, what you have done and are doing to be the best version of yourself. They want to hear these stories and leverage them to become the best version of themselves.
  • As you tell your story, it's very likely that you will organically discuss some of the questions below. Therefore, I will not ask them as I strive to make the interview a conversation between you and I.
  • I will have already recorded the biography you have sent me. Therefore, when we start recording for the show, I will briefly introduce you and turn it over to you. This is your opportunity to tell us, who you are, your story and how you got to where you are today. This can take a few seconds up to several minutes; this is your time to share your story with us and get us engaged and hooked. Take us to a time that you would consider a pivotal moment in your life and tell us the STORY (The Importance of Telling Our Stories).
  • Finally, I've been working on this interview checklist to help you rock your interview! This has been compiled based on feedback from prior guests as well as my experience in both being a guest on other podcast and as the host of a podcast.

Interview Questions

  • During that pivotal moment, when did the light bulb go off, your “ah-ha” moment? Tell us the STORY on how you took that lesson and used it to discover a better version of yourself.
  • What has held you back (e.g. procrastination, shame, embarrassment, fear, etc.) from becoming the best version of yourself?
  • What is the best advice that you have ever received?
  • What makes you a ninja? What is the one tip, trick, or hack, that you swear by? As an example, journaling, meditation, exercise, etc. Something that you use that improves a part of your life be that financial, physical, emotional, mastery of time, and/or even relationships. I know that there isn’t one solution to solve all of life’s challenges, however, I do believe that there are tools/methods to help us become better people.
  • What book would you recommend to the audience?
  • What experience pushed you out of your comfort zone that really helped you grow?
  • What personal habits do you have that you believe truly contribute to your continual personal growth?
  • As you know, this podcast is about continuous improvement as we have never fully arrived, what are you currently working to improve in your life to get yourself to the next level?
  • Balance - How do you do all of this? (A broad/general question; if you have a family, a business, volunteer, etc. it can be overwhelming, my audience suggested I ask this question).
  • What do you wish more people would ask you?
  • Are there any books that you have gifted more than once or that you would give as gifts? 
  • A purchase of less than $100 that has improved the quality of your life in the past year?
  • If you had a billboard where would you place it and what would it say?
  • What's the one thing that you do that you feel contributes to your successes?

Interview Questions - Wrapping Up

  • Please share a piece of parting guidance to the audience.
  • What’s the best way to connect with you? (I will include this and the information you submit as a part of your bio in the show-notes).
  • This is a place to share your gift (e.g. anything you like to promote, a project, etc.) with the audience if you have one.
  • I'll wrap-up by asking if there is anything that we haven't covered that you would like to discuss.

Post Interview

  • I will send you a series of emails after the interview.
  • A thank you email which will also include any other info we may have shared during the show. During many shows, I may mention a book, a video, product, or something that I want to share with you immediately. 
  • A feedback email which you will receive prior to the release of the podcast. The intent of this is to elicit feedback on the initial process of finding me, connecting, and the overall process. I want to ensure that I capture this feedback and improve it for future guests. 
  • 5 days prior to the release of the podcast, you will receive an email stating the release date of the interview.
  • 1 day prior to the release of the podcast, you will receive an email that provides the link to the show notes and the title of the show. These links will not be functional until the show is officially launched and live.

Recording: By participating in the Up Rev Ninja podcast interview, you agree to allow Up Rev Ninja LLC to record, distribute, and disseminate the podcast in any manner. You also agree to allow Up Rev Ninja LLC to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, and in all other public distribution.