000: Tom Hudson: Introduction to the Up Rev Ninja podcast

In the inaugural episode of the Up Rev Ninja podcast, your host, Tom Hudson, provides a quick review of what to expect and why he has created this podcast.

>>Presenter: Hello everyone.  Welcome to the Uprev Ninja podcast.  If this is your first time listening, thanks for joining us.  This show is produced each week with the single intent of discovering the tips, tricks, hacks and lessons learned from our guests that has catapulted them into living the best version of themselves.  Join your host, Tom Hudson, as he continues his search for the best methods to uprev his life.  Now, let's dive into the show.

>>Tom: Hey everyone.  I'm Tom Hudson and I want to thank you for joining me for the very first episode - episode zero zero zero - of the Uprev Ninja podcast.  Each week, I will be interviewing a guest to learn the tips, tricks, hacks and lessons learned, which have catapulted them into living the best version of themselves.  While tangents will occur during the interviews, I do have a plan of attack.  Each episode, I will ask our guest about who they are, what they do and what they are all about.  I will then reverse engineer how they got where they are and ultimately discover those pivotal moments during their life that shaped them.  It's these moments that make our guest being vulnerable in sharing their lessons, how they've pivoted and how those moments have transformed who they are today.  The goal of this is to see the wizard behind the curtain and to understand that we have all had challenges.  The real lesson is how the challenge was leveraged and how they have grown because of it.

During the interview, I will ask how they've managed their day-to-day life and this is where their tips, tricks and hacks come into play.  When you combine all of these elements, you get to see their inner workings and how they achieved success.  At the end of each episode, I will share what my key takeaways are from the interview and I will encourage you to examine and share your key takeaways as well.  My ultimate goal is to uprev my life by utilizing what I have learned and incorporate some of these bits of knowledge into my own personal life.

Now that you know what the show is about, it's time to tell you why I have created the Uprev Ninja podcast.  I've been an avid listener to podcasts since 2009 and I have listened to hundreds of topics and thousands of episodes.  Almost all of these podcasts have been topic-based, which is great.  However, again, they are topic-based, meaning they discuss one topic in depth.  This is what led me to listening to a myriad of podcasts.  I was looking for something that did not exist - a podcast that hit every facet of my life.  So, I set out to create that podcast.  As we move forward together, I do wish to offer one piece of advice.  As you begin to listen and incorporate these lessons, they do come with a price - the price to be humble, open-minded and willing to embrace change.  This is how you learn and become a stronger individual.  Thank you for listening and I hope you are excited to begin this journey with me and to discover the best version of you here on the Uprev Ninja podcast.

>>Presenter: Thanks for listening to the Uprev Ninja podcast with your host Tom Hudson.  Navigate to our website at uprev.ninja today, where you will find additional resources to help you discover the best version of you.  While you're there, join our newsletter and join the discussion on your favorite social media platforms.  We've got some awesome guests lined up to share with us how they are becoming the best versions of themselves.  Again, thank you for listening.  Now it's time to go out and uprev your life.

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