002: Keep Optimizing with Chloë Thomas

In this episode, I interview, Chloë Thomas


Bestselling Author, International Speaker, and the host of the eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast.
Chloë Thomas has been working in eCommerce since 2003, learning how to increase orders, up customer retention, and recruit new customers cost effectively. Working with businesses from the high street right down to start-ups. eCommerce MasterPlan is the result of Chloë's years of experience, the books, blogs, and courses have all been created to help eCommerce business owners and marketers to make the right decisions as they build their own path to eCommerce success. The eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast exists to bring a weekly dose of inspiration direct to the desks of eCommerce business people all over the globe.
Power Retail (Australia) named Chloë as one of the top 10 eCommerce commentators in the world, and within 6 months of launch, the podcast was already the top eCommerce podcast in the UK.


I enjoyed interviewing Chloë and really enjoyed what she had to say today. The three key takeaways that I had with her were regarding

  1. Putting yourself first. 13m 10s
  2. Setting boundaries. 22m 30s
  3. Always keep looking for ways to streamline and optimize your life. 24m 15s

Those are my key takeaways. What are yours? Join us on Facebook or Twitter, share your thoughts and ideas. Thanks for listening and get out there and discover the best version of you!

Chloë is offering this for our audience...

http://academy.ecommercemasterplan.com/p/get-more-customers-club and use the code UPREVNINJA that you can join her Get More Customers Club and receive the first month free!

Find Chloë over on:

Facebook | Twitter (Personal) | Twitter (Business) | LinkedIn | G+ | Website 1 | Website 2

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Lastly, I want to say THANK YOU to Chloë for sharing her story with us!