005: Dare to Dream with Jayden Hall

In this episode, I interview, Jayden Hall.



Managing Director of Journey To Arcadia. Just trying to help everyone get to their own personal Arcadia.

Jayden Hall is  22 years old and throughout his time so far he has gone through a fair bit of adversity such as the death of his father, homelessness, mental health issues, etc. Jayden has seen quite a bit of transformation in himself over the past couple of years, he was originally very angry and upset but now very optimistic about life thanks to a change in his mental approach to life. Jayden is a Marketing Manager and looking to launch his own clothing line in the next 12 months that make large contributions to charities.


There’s a ton of good content in this, yet I’m going to give you the three items I walked away with. The first is how his release is basketball (9m 51s). Most of us hear about journaling or meditation, however, in his case it’s basketball, so if you haven’t found your release yet keep looking. He next talks about perfectionism and how it’s held him back in the past (13m 40s). Finally, the use of routines and how they have become very helpful to him (33m).

Those are my key takeaways. What are yours? Join us on Facebook or Twitter, share your thoughts and ideas. Thanks for listening and get out there and discover the best version of you!

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Lastly, I want to say THANK YOU to Jayden for sharing his story with us!