021: Action Precedes Clarity with Alex Tripod

In this episode, I interview, Alex Tripod.


Alex has been secretly obsessed with manifesting, the law of attraction and vibration her entire life, but no matter what she did, nothing worked, nothing changed. Until the universe threw her a soul-awakening curve ball – she had an experience where she got to see into her own soul, all of her light... and all of her crap, simultaneously. And from that moment, she was never the same – her whole being energetically shifted and she finally understood who she am and what she is here to do. Alex is a big believer that when you finally let yourself drown in the very thing you’ve been secretly obsessed with your whole life, then life explodes. And her obsession is to raise the vibration of humanity on a global scale.

My Takeaways:

In this episode, we cover a lot of great information. Alex begins by telling us her journey of how she hit rock bottom and upon doing so, how she created a 30 day challenge with herself to discover the best version of herself and how that has transformed her into the person she is today. We delve into the habits she maintains that constantly are up revving her life with gratitude being at the center of this practice as well as meditation. Finally, we discuss how taking massive aligned action will catapult you into the life that you have been seeking. 


Amber Renae: https://uprev.ninja/podcast/008

The New Science of Willpower: Can Self-Control Really Get Used Up?

Transcendental Meditation

 "Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious."--Thomas Edison

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