025: Live Your Best Life with Brannon Beliso

In this episode, I interview, Brannon Beliso.


Brannon Beliso is dedicated to helping people live their best life through learning and self-discovery. He is an 8th-degree black belt, a former recording artist with 3 top ten hits, owner of two very successful martial arts schools and the creator of an internationally distributed life-skills education system, Kids Love Life Skills. Brannon is TEDx Speaker, published author, writer, speaker, and mentor. He humbly presents workshops and seminars for such companies as Facebook and Microsoft with the mindset that we can all always do and be better. Brannon is committed to being a student for life and is a dedicated father, husband, and servant to the community.

My Takeaways:

Brannon brings so much in this episode and his way of life. We first discuss how important it is to live in the present otherwise when you live in the past, you can find yourself in a depressed state of mind and when living in the future you can be filled with anxiety. Furthermore, Brannon talks about how he embraces pain and uses suffering as a teaching tool and believes that suffering is a part of love and life and through it is when we can become a better person by learning what it has taught us. Brannon also discusses what 24/7 leadership is and how he practices it and one of the first routines he does every morning his simply breathing in, stating “I am breathing, exhale and state “I’m happy I get to live another day”, inhale stating “I am breathing”, exhale and go through his practice of gratitude.


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