027: Creating Wealth with Leonie Fitzgerald

In this episode, I interview, Leonie Fitzgerald.


I’ve had a strong interest in property for as long as I can remember – my first purchase was at the ripe old age of eighteen, where I bought a house in Brisbane for the princely sum of $4,000. I have purchased a number of properties since then from flats to renovation projects and my enthusiasm for property has since gone on to become the driving force behind my career. Combining a love for property with broad industry and international experience, a record of success in building relationships as well as developing and implementing growth strategies to achieve desired outcomes for my clients I created Wealthology Australia, a results-driven organization, with a heart. Wealthology Australia’s company philosophy, culture, and unique product ensures our clients achieve great success while having a bit of fun along the way. It was the ideal opportunity to challenge myself both personally and professionally and gives me the chance to work closely with clients who are keen to forge strong relationships with our team. We enjoy a proven record of success developing strategies to help our clients build and manage their own wealth effectively with our personal touch. Both myself, and the entire Wealthology Australia team go to every effort to ensure that our clients are supported on their journey and are equipped to overcome any obstacles or challenges they may encounter on the way. We are passionate about educating, assisting and inspiring others on their wealth creation journey, whilst teaching them how to avoid the common mistakes most investors make. We look forward to sharing our expertise and knowledge with you to help you to achieve your own financial and lifestyle goals.

My Takeaways:

Leonie has a few key practices that I really think make her a ninja at what she does. The first of these is being a part of a strong mastermind group. She discusses how they get together every 90 days, and really challenge each other - they have strong intentions. She also discusses how she focuses on 5 things each week that really make an impact, how they are aligned with her monthly, quarterly, and annual goals as well as her mission and vision. Finally, she discusses how she prioritizes self-care to ensure she doesn’t burn out.

Those are my key takeaways. What are yours? Join us on Facebook or Twitter, share your thoughts and ideas. Thanks for listening and get out there and discover the best version of you!

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Lastly, I want to say THANK YOU to Leonie Fitzgerald for sharing her story with us!