037: The Perfect Day with Ainsley Micallef

In this episode, I interview, Ainsley Micallef.


Ainsley is a Rut To Reinvention Mentor for over 35's. By combining NLP, Psychology & Law of Attraction principles, she drags you kicking & screaming out of your comfort zone and into a life that you’d only dreamt about before. She’s been a tour guide in Africa, Australia & New Zealand, a dating coach for men, a teacher, life coach, corporate robot, NLP therapist and an entrepreneur with MORE big ridiculous dreams to come. Always an adventurous free spirit, she’s skydived, cage dived with sharks, slept in tents next to lions, patted cheetahs, been lunged at by a crocodile, chased tornadoes and lived in a tent for a total of 3 years in bush, jungle, desert & everything in between. Not only that, she’s taught people just like you how to embody the mindset to do these things (and a whole lot more) for 11+ years. Her mission is to show YOU that your life ... and the things you do in it ... can be limitless & extraordinary!!!

My Takeaways:

Ainsley gives us several exercises to do such as the “I’m a liar and fraud…” story. One item that I have been a fan of is simply not to consume what you learn, however, to integrate it into your life. Ainsley shares with us her routine, and that’s reading in the morning and then journaling what she read, putting it into her own words. She then writes 10 things that she is grateful for. For her evening practice, she writes an additional 10 things she is grateful for as well as 10 ideas (spark that innovative energy).

Those are my key takeaways. What are yours? Join us on Facebook or Twitter, share your thoughts and ideas. Thanks for listening and get out there and discover the best version of you!

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