039: Just Breathe with Pavitra Gurumurthi

In this episode, I interview, Pavitra Gurumurthi.


Pavitra believes that all transitions in life be it mental, emotional or physical, is a process of giving birth to a new perspective on who you are, what your purpose is and how your presence is vital in sustaining the world we live in. Pavitra also believes that with each transition you come closer to embracing the life-giving force as you begin to recognize that this force resides within you. 

Pavitra grew up in India and at twenty-two years moved to New Zealand on her own to make something of her life. Little did she realize at the time, that the relocation would not only initiate a transformation of external factors but radically change her outlook on the true meaning of belonging, connection and sense of identity. 

As a Transition Mentor, Pavitra is passionate about mentoring and inspiring expat women unsure about their place in the world to navigate a new landscape and create a confident sense of belonging and connection. 

Pavitra currently lives in Melbourne, Australia and continues to share her passion for life, her joy for bringing people together and inspiring a little bit of magic in everyone she meets.

My Takeaways:

Fear and judgment. These were the two things that Pavitra felt were holding and have held her back. It wasn’t the judging of others, it was to her self. We briefly discussed the Yama of ahimsa, or the practice of non-violence and how she was being violent against herself having these limited beliefs and the harsh judgments she had.

While there are several takeaways from this show, the one hack, what makes Pavitra a ninja in my mind is how she has an intention when drinking water. Setting an intention before your yoga practice is a common practice and she has carried this over to her daily drinking a glass of water. This is powerful in my mind as you drink multiple glasses of water daily therefore recalling your intention and having focus on it keeps you centered and moving forward.

Those are my key takeaways. What are yours? Join us on Facebook or Twitter, share your thoughts and ideas. Thanks for listening and get out there and discover the best version of you!


Four Stages of Competence

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