046: Walking Into The Unknown with Diana Thomas

In this episode, I interview, Diana Thomas.


In 1985 Diana Thomas graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a Master’s Degree in Architectural History. Her undergraduate work was completed in Canada, where she has dual citizenship. From 1979 to 1996 Ms. Thomas held a number of leadership positions in the study and preservation of historic architecture in both the United States and Canada. She was promoted to the head of Alberta’s Provincial Inventory of Historic Sites, where she gained more than seven years of managerial experience, initiated innovations in her field, obtained private funding, and implemented new database systems nation-wide. In 1992 Ms. Thomas’ managerial and administrative talents brought her back to Arizona, where she continued to develop and manage multi-million dollar historic preservation granting funds and projects.

Throughout her career, Ms. Thomas struggled with infertility. After finding her own egg donor in 1995, she gave birth to a healthy child in 1996 who was one of the first 100 babies born with donor eggs in the US. After that success, infertility doctors contacted her to find egg donors for their other patients. In 1997 Ms. Thomas combined her extensive knowledge of the infertility industry, IVF, and donor IVF processes, with her administrative and managerial skills to form one of the first egg donor recruiting/ matching agencies in the US: X and Y Consulting. Ms. Thomas grew X and Y internationally while compiling a donor roster of hundreds of potential egg donors. During this time she traveled internationally, meeting infertility professionals at every level. Her managerial skills led her to cultivate healthy relationships with industry fertility specialists, business professionals, and vendors, including psychologists, genetic counselors and laboratories. Thomas’ compassion and experience have helped match thousands of couples with egg donors worldwide.

In 2004 Ms. Thomas, along with Drs. Jeffrey Boldt and James Akin founded Cryo Eggs International (CEI). Dr. Boldt was one of the pioneers in developing egg freezing technology. During this time a world-renowned medical and scientific advisory board were assembled to support the company’s vision. CEI provided the frozen donor oocytes that led to the birth of the first baby in the world born from eggs provided by a commercial egg bank in 2005.

As CEO of the company, Thomas and her co-founders developed a new business model, daily operating systems, and a customer relations focus on service, without any business model precedents. The key portions of medical and scientific development were managed by Medical Director Dr. Patricia McShane who is well respected in the infertility community. Ms. Thomas worked with her managerial team to implement quality control, best practices, daily operational functions, and growth opportunities with new technological developments. Ms. Thomas continued to further develop relationships throughout the industry.

In 2009 Ms. Thomas merged X and Y and CEI into the company today known as The World Egg Bank. All egg donor services, from traditional fresh donor cycles to banking vitrified oocytes began operating under one umbrella. Through Ms. Thomas’ direction, The World Egg Bank now offers the best in egg donor technologies for parents-to-be. The World Egg Bank provides the highest-level experience and expertise available in the US.

My Takeaways:

Embracing fear and your inner wisdom. Diana and I discuss how fear holds people back or the norms of society hold you back. In this episode, we discuss and break down how Diana challenges these stigmas and breaks from them by walking into the unknown.

Those are my key takeaways. What are yours? Join us on Facebook or Twitter, share your thoughts and ideas. Thanks for listening and get out there and discover the best version of you!

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